Welcome to the History and Political Science Department

Potential History & Political Science Career Paths

  • Museum Curator
  • Attorney
  • Educator
  • Journalist
  • Author
  • Professor
  • Government Analyst
  • Activist

Welcome to Northwest Nazarene University's History and Political Science Department home page. Besides offering the opportunity to receive a history degree or political science degree, students may also pursue degrees in international studies, social science education, and history education (the latter two in conjunction with the NNU Education Department). We also offer minors in history, political science, and criminal justice.

  • To help students acquire academic and intellectual expertise in their respective disciplines and majors;
  • To assist students in the development and application of their skills of critical analysis and research, creativity, and communication consistent with a Christian liberal arts education;
  • To develop scholar-servants who are enlightened and engaged citizens, and who display a Christlike passion to promote justice, seek peace, and pursue tolerance in their communities;
  • To promote learning as a life-long skill and interest that will enable students to apply their talents professionally and to experience a deeply-rooted sense of challenge and fulfillment in their lives.

We believe that the study of history and politics is an essential component of a high quality education. Historical and political studies develop and sharpen the mind by training students to think, to evaluate, to communicate, and ultimately to judge.  They also help students to become informed, active participants in the political process. We are committed to providing students with a solid background in these disciplines and preparing them for further study through a political science or history degree.

The History & Political Science Department offers individual attention to students through small class sizes and extended office hours. Please contact us at any time if you have questions about our program or what you can expect in the pursuit of a history or political science degree at Northwest Nazarene University.