Learning Objectives:

  1. To help students acquire academic and intellectual expertise in their respective disciplines and majors; (Academic Excellence)
  2. To assist students in the development and application of their skills of critical analysis and research, creativity, and communication consistent with a Christian liberal arts education; (Academic Excellence and Creative Engagement)
  3. To develop scholar-servants who are enlightened and engaged citizens, and who display a Christlike passion to promote justice, seek peace, and pursue tolerance in their communities; (Creative Engagement, Social Responsiveness, and Christlike Character)
  4. To promote learning as a life-long skill and interest that will enable students to apply their talents professionally and to experience a deeply-rooted sense of challenge and fulfillment in their lives.  (Creative Engagement and Social Responsiveness)


  • Bachelor of Arts, History
  • Bachelor of Arts, International Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science
  • History Education
    • See Secondary Education: History First Teaching Field, History Second Teaching Field
  • Social Science Education
    • See Secondary Education: Social Science Teaching Area, Social Science Second Teaching Field


  • History
  • Political Science

Pre-Professional Program

  • Pre-Law

For more information regarding the offered majors and minors, please refer to the history and political science pages of the NNU catalog.